What unique qualities catapult Jaguar from ordinary car to automotive icon? Is it the rakish curve of a wing, the precise orchestration of cubic centimetres under the bonnet, or the way your heart races as the tachometer climbs? Or is it something deeper? In truth, everything about a product like Jaguar contributes to its brand essence. There are many points of contact at which the brand is experienced-from its heritage to its engineering, to its styling, to the ‘feel’ of the car. Each attribute is a pillar that supports the whole. None can be missing for the brand to stand up. Certain key qualities, however, have always been a part of Jaguarcars: elegance, sensuousness, originality, and refined power. Through the years and all the various model lines, those qualities have consistently revealed themselves. Now they are not only part of the cars themselves, but also part of the aspirations and desires of those who own, drive, and admire Jaguar cars.

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